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Welcome to P1Coaching.com and thank you for visiting.  Our primary goal is to help you enjoy high-performance driving at the track, in a safe and fun way, and to help improve your lap times.  

The heightened awareness gained through high-performance driving leads to a better awareness on the streets, and hopefully fewer accidents.  We hope the information on these pages will benefit those without track experience, as well.  Please contact us, if you know of some interesting content we should add, or have some to contribute.

These pages contain a description of the services we provide; the products that we use, recommend, and proudly represent; a short "about us" section, and our mission statement.  The links page is a handy list of goodies for track and street student drivers.
(Please be patient with links that may be unavailable.  We are track hounds, not web designers.)

The video and blog page contains practical lessons learned from both, track day enthusiasts and from experienced drivers that have logged over 50,000 miles per year on the street.  The track series is meant for the enthusiast who want to work on the high-performance driving techniques that reduce lap times.  Read about technique and view videos containing the keys to lowering lap times.  In the street series, we hope to make driving more fun and safer for your passengers and for those you share the road with.

The recommended products and services, and those available for purchase from P1Coaching, are what we use in training and as performance upgrades.  We only offer opinions on the products and services that we can attest to, based on first-hand experience.

If you are like us, it's not always about just getting from point-A to point-B.  You actually enjoy driving.  You may have already installed some performance upgrades.  You probably keep your vehicle clean and looking good, but you care more about the performance than adding stick-on carbon fiber trim, don't-stops, or other "bling".  You care more about the power-to-weight ratio, mechanical grip, and cornering ability, than neon license plate frames, chrome radio knobs, or "Euro" taillights.  We appreciate show cars, too...but prefer to drive our cars hard, learn valuable and potentially life-saving skills, and enjoy finding the maximum limits of performance.


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