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The primary services P1Coaching.com provides are on-track training / coaching, and remote data analysis.

On-Track Training:

You've been to the track and are doing okay, but you want to break through to the next level.  Something is missing.  Something is holding you back.  Training at the track, by an experienced instructor, can get you there.  In-car coaching is the most direct method.  The rate is $500 per day plus transportation, lodging, and meals.  If I can't improve your lap time, the daily rate will be refunded (not including expenses).

Remote Data Analysis:

The Video VBOX system is capable of recording your track sessions for later review.  We can examine your sessions and make suggestions, based on the data and video recorded.  The rate is $200 for shipping the system both ways and rental and $200 for analysis of the data after return.

Please call to discuss the details and payment arrangements.


"Your (remote) coaching saved me 3 seconds."

"I saved a couple of seconds after just talking with you in the pits."

"You're a great instructor and you made my day!"

"I never thought I could do this!"

"You gave me exactly the right instruction at the right time."

"Will you work with my friend?  She needs some help and you are a good communicator."




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