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Get your Racelogic Video VBOX from P1Coaching by March 31 and get a free performance analysis.

Racelogic Video VBOX Lite 2-Camera System:

You want immediate and dramatic improvement?  Bottom line...this may be the best system ever.

  • State of the art in-car video and data recording
  • AVI format, DVD quality with automatic data overlay
  • Two-camera and four-camera systems
  • Four CAN channels standard
  • SD Card digital logging and USB 2.0 interface
  • Stereo audio recording
  • Powerful driver analytics software
  • Free circuit maps in the database, easy creation
  • 10 data points per second (10 Hz) GPS recording
  • Automatic start-stop based on pre-set speed
  • Customized screen graphics using standard graphic formats
  • Simple plug-and-play installation

Many systems can record video and data...not with the elegance and revealing analysis you get with the Video VBOX systems.  The automatic data overlay, combined with "Circuit Tools" data analysis software, really tells the full story.  Now available, the Racelogic Video VBOX line is the same professional-level technology used by all major vehicle manufacturers and top race teams worldwide.  

Easily compare two different drivers, in completely different cars, or the same driver, to previous laps or sessions.  We love this system and highly recommend it for its accuracy, delivery on promised features, operational ease-of-use, and quality.

Is the driver being smooth?  Using the tires properly?  In fast, out backwards?  Throwing it into the corner, or turning in too early?  Getting to the throttle soon enough?  Do you need 10Hz timing on an open road course with a different start/finish line, as opposed to a closed-loop course?  The Video VBOX will show you how to knock seconds off lap times for an average driver, and help find tenths for a pro.

Use the second camera as a picture-in-picture display.  Show the driver's feet and hands, capture video of your passenger, point it at the suspension, or rearward to see what's going on behind.  Use the setup software to insert your own graphics into the scene.  Multiple graphic formats can be used for gauges, backgrounds, text, etc., to customize your final video.  There are over 130 tracks in the database.  Easily add yours, if not already included.

Configuration:  The Video VBOX Lite 2-Camera System comes with two cameras, two very solid suction-cup mounts (one specifically for a front windscreen), a cigarette lighter power cable, a strong, magnetic-base GPS antenna, a USB cable, and a 4Gig SD card (almost 2 hours).  Optionally, choose the package that includes the OLED Display and save over purchasing separately.

Setup takes less than five minutes and all components are available individually.  In addition to the items below, there are many options for installation, for acquiring CAN data, a 20Hz GPS, and systems (VBOX Pro) with up to 4 cameras.  Contact us to discuss the right configuration for your application.

Options include:

  • The OLED Display for "predictive lap timing" and display of multiple parameters;
  • A Preview Monitor for aligning cameras and viewing scenes;
  • An OBD-2 cable for recording data from the CAN signal on cars equipped with CAN on the OBD-2 port;
  • The Micro Input Module to record signals that are not available on the CAN bus or OBD-2 port;
  • A foam-lined ABS case to protect your Video VBOX components.

Racelogic Video VBOX 2-Camera System

Optional In-Car OLED Predictive Lap Timer

Video VBOX Lite OLED Display  

Video VBOX System - Bundle Options     



OLED Display for Video VBOX

View real-time parameters such as live speed, max speed, lap times, predictive lap time and g-force:
  • Predictive Lap Timing: compares your current lap to your best in real time to help improve lap times
  • Inverse screen colors or change font options for use in different light conditions
  • Internal accelerometer: flips display according to the way it is mounted
  • Easy operation: three buttons to scroll display screens, set start/finish points, reset data, start/stop logging, and enter menus
  • Motorsport Standard Fischer or Lemo Connectors
  • Low power consumption: 1.2W


  VBOX OLED Display (if purchased separately)  $520    



Video VBOX Lite Preview Monitor

Video VBOX Lite Preview Monitor

The 3.5" Preview Monitor is used to view the "scene" you have loaded into the Video VBOX and for aligning cameras.  Both tasks can be accomplished without the preview monitor by viewing through a Windows-based PC, but it adds convenience if moving the system frequently, or a PC is not available.

This monitor can be mounted in the vehicle.  However, it is really designed for convenience in setup, as it plugs into the AUX port, which is the same port as the OLED display.


3.5" Camera Preview Monitor of Video VBOX  $150    


OBD-2 Cable for Video VBOX Lite

Video VBOX Lite OBD-2 Cable

The OBD-2 cable will read the CAN signal on certain vehicles equipped with the CAN signal available on the OBD-2 port.  This cable plugs into the CAN port on the VBOX.  The VBOX will record up to 4 channels of data.  However, many vehicles do not provide data in this format on the OBD-2 port.  You can check this list of known vehicles.  

For vehicles without CAN data available on the OBD-2 port, use the Micro Input Module below.  Please contact us for more details.


OBD-2 Cable for Video VBOX Lite  $90    


Micro Input Module for Video VBOX Lite

Video VBOX Lite Micro Input Module

For vehicles without CAN data available on the OBD-2 port, use the Micro Input Module below.  Please contact us for more details.

The VBOX Micro Input Module is a small, highly cost effective input module ideal for use in applications that only require a minimum of additional signals to be recorded, providing one RPM (digital) input and four analog inputs.

A 5v output is available to power sensors that are not already powered by the vehicle loom, and the analog sensor range is from 0v to 14v.

It outputs data in either CAN or RS232 format depending on which device it is being used with.

The Micro Input Module is compatible with every model of VBOX and Racelogic Performance Meters and so comes in four different versions, each with a cable suitable for use with specific products.


Micro Input Module for Video VBOX Lite  $220    



Case for Video VBOX Lite 2-Camera System

Video VBOX Lite ABS Carry Case

The ABS carry case is strong protection for your Video VBOX Lite 2-Camera System.  The inside is foam-lined and has compartments for the main unit, the cameras, the mounts, and plenty of room for the cables.  Accessories can also be inserted by cutting out the foam where needed.

  Case for Video VBOX Lite  $170    





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