Tech Sheet Sample

This sample tech sheet contains items that should be checked before attending a track day.  Each track day organizer will likely have their own tech sheet.  Please review the tech sheet requirements for your specific event.

Sample Tech Sheet - Technical

 Tire wear above tread markers, correct speed rating

 Lug nuts present and tight

 No pressed on hubcaps or beauty rings

 Wheels must have no sign of cracks or structural damage

 Over 1/2 thickness on brake pads/shoes

 Brake rotors must not have any cracks

 Firm brake pedal

 Clean brake fluid, changed within 6 months, reservoir full

 Crack-free flexible brake lines

 Brake lights functional

 Wheel bearings tight with no play

 Factory tow hook installed

 Minimum steering play

 Gas cap secured

 No exposed electrical wires

 Sound exhaust with no leaks

 Seat bolted in tight

 Battery bolted down with 2 bolts

 No fluid leaks (oil, fuel, water)

 Catch container on radiator overflow

 Throttle has two return springs

 No project cars - body has no loose panels

 Sunroofs must be closed or removed

 At least one rear-view mirror must be present

 Intake/exhaust sound limits met


Sample Tech Sheet - Safety

 Good 3- to 6-point seat belts

 Good headrest

 Good door and window latches

 All open cars must have roll-over protection and pass the broomstick test

 Glass headlights must be taped

 Snell 00 or newer helmet5

 2.5lb fire extinguisher recommended, metal mount bracket

 Cotton shirt and full length pants

 No loose objects in car or trunk

 Car must have numbers displayed on both sides, 8" tall



Typical lug nut tightness is 75-95ft-lbs, check with your wheel manufacturer for specs.

Minimal hairline cracks in rotors are normal, but should not open or extend to the edge of the rotor.

Drivers must be aware of, and meet track-specific rules on mufflers and sound levels - Sound limits 103db at Infineon and Thunderhill, 92 at Laguna.

Open cars, include convertibles, purpose-built race cars without tops, roadsters, etc., require legal rollbars (SCCA-approved bars as well as NHRA bars).  Factory "hoops" or "pop-ups" behind seats in convertibles must meet broomstick test   Decorative bars are not approved.

Legal helmets include Snell SA20xx, M20xx.  Helmets showing damage, or missing a Snell sticker, or 'shorty helmets', will not be approved.  Drivers of faster cars should consider full fire-retardant driving suits; all drivers should strongly consider driving gloves and shoes.

Loose objects include floor mats, handheld cameras (must have correct mount and safety strap), cell phones, radar detectors, tools, spare tire, jack, etc., cannot be in cab, trunk, glove box, etc.